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La Tabebh Series: Practicing inter&translocal collectivisms in GMT +6 to +9
documenta fifteen

Kassel, Germany

La Tabebh Series is a set of events offered by the fourth batch of Gudskul Study Kolektif, the annual study program on collectives hosted by GUDSKUL. 


This batch, also known as La Tabebh, is made up of eight collectives coming from four different time zones (GMT +6 to +9). Scattered in different places and virtually found, La Tabebh has been engaging the whys and hows of a transnational/interlocal "collective of collectives" online for the past nine months.  Dis/connected by broken internet connections and multiple englishes, chaos is La Tabebh’s playground.


La Tabebh met in person for the first time in documenta fifteen, inhabiting Fridericianum (GUDSKUL Area) for two weeks.


In this series of events, the eight collectives invite one another, and the public, to take part in knowledge/experience-sharing of emergent contemporary and social art practices from the various localities of the La Tabebh time zones. Events include exhibitions, discussions, feasts, games, hang-out parties, screenings, walking adventures, woodcut workshops and more.

Collectives in La Tabebh are Ba-Bau AIR (Vietnam), The Bishkek School for Contemporary Art (BiSCA) (Kyrgyzstan), Load na Dito (Philippines), Omnikolektif (Indonesia), Pangrok Sulap (Malaysia), Salikhain Kolektib (Philippines), Scutoid Coop (Taiwan), Yayasan Tonjo Foundation (Indonesia).

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