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It's Always Dawn Somewhere

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it’s always dawn somewhere


online gathering (08/08/2021) & installation (an edited video of the online gathering, a live projection of a model of Earth's rotation from the sun, table, chairs, books, and other artifacts from the online gathering)

it’s always dawn somewhere is about how we put arbitrary lines, borders, time zones, constructs in a line-less planet. It is

a 24-hour participatory art project where people from all over the world live-stream the sunrise as it happens in their location. This online gathering started from the artist's location on 8 August 2021, 04:51 (+9 GMT/Japan Standard Time). It ended on the next day, 9 August at 04:50 (+9 GMT).


The installation version of the project was exhibited as part of Koganecho Bazaar 2021. On the right is a projection of a live-view model of the earth's nighttime and daytime. On the center is a recreation of the artists's desk during the gathering, with a time-lapse of the whole online video recording of the gathering shown on the monitor. On the left are artifacts from the event, such as announcement cards that was used during idle hours when people might come in online while the artist is resting, as well as a slideshow of social media posts from the artist and participants about the event.

it’s always dawn somewhere is a project by Ralph C. Lumbres with Ness Roque as dramaturg.

Exhibition photograph (4th - 7th) courtesy of KB 2021

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