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Kyozon Kyoei / KoopeRasyon

card game

2018 - 2019

Created for Gobyerno Project's artist residency in Kinosaki International Art Center (Japan); and
Habi Education Lab's Handang Heroes project (Philippines)

Kyozon Kyoei which was later developed into KoopeRasyon is a cooperative game of incomplete information. Each players needs to trade to fulfill his/her own required amount of resources while also trying to help everyone do the same. In this game, either everyone wins or everyone loses.


The phrase kyozon kyoei is the unofficial slogan of Kinosaki town, in Hyogo Japan. It is loosely translated as "living together, developing together". Kinosaki is a small onsen (hot spring public bath) town with local businesses operating as a cooperative. The Kyozon Kyoei card game was developed to mimic this cooperative system.

KoopeRasyon is part of a disaster education project called Handang Heroes by Habi Education Lab. Just as in disaster situations where there are a lot of uncertainties, KoopeRasyon, tries to educate players on the importance of cooperation and communication. Handang Heroes is supported by the Japan Foundation Manila. Visit the website here.

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