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Ligtas PAD (Light-based Participatory 3D Mapping)


2017 - 2018

Barangay Matawe, Barangay Ibona, and Barangay Paltic, Municipality of Dingalan, Aurora Province, Philippines

Ligtas PAD is a participatory 3D mapping (P3DM) practice that is both art and hazard mapping for disaster risk reduction (DRR). It uses art-based and experiential learning, and participatory art as its process. Ligtas PAD or Light-Based Participatory 3D Mapping explores sculptural methods and participatory art as a way to enhance spatial thinking for DRR in communities. It was piloted with the Dumagat community, an indigenous people living in along the Sierra Madre mountain ranges of Luzon island in the Philippine and was then scaled up to more communities within the same municipality, in Dingalan Aurora.

The project builds upon the Participatory 3D Mapping (P3DM) for DRR methodology developed by the Philippine Geographical Society, which situated existing P3DM practices to the Philippine context. The project resulted in coming up with alternatives and improvements to the practice of P3DM. (1) The use of plywood and sawdust mixture as a viable and sustainable alternative to styrofoam or rubber foam and papier-mache; (2) the use of light and slides in projecting data onto the map to create interaction, and; (3) the use of gamification in data gathering and knowledge transfer.

Ligtas PAD was supported by Japan Foundation Asia Center through its HANDs! Project fellowship program. It was then awarded a grant by TUKLAS Innovations Lab, a consortium of local and internationsal NGOs such as START Network UK, PLAN International, and CARE Philippines.

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