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Sa Pagitan 1: Mekong River (A Series of Site-Specific Readings of "Lines in the Mind, Not in the World" by Donella Meadows)

video, sound

6' 50"


Sa Pagitan means “in-between” in Filipino. It is a video series project of site-specific readings of the poem, Lines in the Mind, Not in the World by Donella Meadows. This work disenchants the permanence of lines we draw on the world, challenging the existence of boundaries and borders. In reading the poem along the borders of towns, cities, countries, the in-betweens of water, land, bridges, or border control gates, this work emphasizes how invisible these lines really are. The first from the series, this video was read and shot at the Mekong River along the border of Thailand and Laos, in Ta Mui Village, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. One part of it was read on a river island in the middle of the border, belonging to neither one of the two countries.

Sa Pagitan is a video project by Ralph Lumbres in collaboration with Ness Roque. Japanese Subtitles by Mariko Sugita.

Link to the poem - courtesy of the Donella Meadows Project at the Academy for Systems Change

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